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About :: Free & Simple Image Tagger ::

One of the most time-consuming operations of a stock photographer is keyword research.

So, the Free & Simple Tagger makes this part of life a little more enjoyable.

Put some main tags describing the image into field push the button and you'll get out ready-to-use tag set - for microstock, Instagram, blog posts ... whatever you need it for! (push the Enter or enter the comma after each tag input). No registration (Sign up) needed

Not all topics are covered well and if you find one please let us know (mail me support(at)wellword.ru), I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Mentioned service are free but in a beta-test state, so it is non-error-free. Any bug report will be appreciated.

There are numbers attached to keywords, in the case of a Free & Simple Tagger, they mean the relative coefficient of the frequency of the word, compared to the most frequent in the set of words. So, the first word will always have a coefficient of 1.0, and all the rest will be smaller, in proportion to the decrease in frequency.

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